Meet the team!


Zahra is my 6 year old welsh cob x thoroughbred filly who also occassionally models for us. She is the first foal I bred out of my thoroughbred mare. The journey so far has been challenging but I believe pets are for life so we face our challenges together. We have had a special bond since the day that she was born.


Wizard is the baby of the family. He is just 2 years old and is Zahra's full brother. He has started his modelling career very early and is a very smart boy who will hopfully have a bit career in dressage ahead of him once he is broken in. He knows a lot already and is also known around the place as Mr Awesome!

Then there is me!

Cody is the star of my family. I got him as a 2 year old, had him broken in and have been riding him ever since. He is quite the dressage star and has done well at shows too. I have written 2 children's books about him which can be found on my author website 

My name is Michelle. I am a children's author and mastermind behind Purple Pony Pets. I love creating items for my pets to wear and enjoy buying them new clothes too. I love animals and nature and often write about caring for animals and the environment in my stories. It is the basis for my products that I make and stock in my shop too. I hope you enjoy visiting my site!


This is Ruffy my 3 year old kelpie who I got as a puppy to keep me company after having to say goodbye to my beloved kelpie x ridgeback Sam. He is also a model for Purple Pony Pets although it is hard to keep him still to get good photos, hence my other model Maurice.


Maurice is my go to model when the other models decide not to co-operate or sit or stand still. He was found at a 2 dollar shop and the attraction was immediate. He just begged to come home and live with me. He is especially happy to model Purple Pony Pet's dog collars.