Hello and welcome to my first post.

Welcome to my website. It is still under maintenance and I am working on it but it is up and running and over time as I learn to be a bit more computer savvy I will make it even better.

While I have been mainly selling on Etsy, I want to be able to offer cheaper and more affordable products on my website. You will find exclusive items on my site only available from here.

As an animal owner, I know the challenges of finding unique items for your pets which is how Purple Pony Pets was begun; me making items that I absolutely love and want to share with you and your pets. My items are made with care and love and attention to quality and detail.

I also make lanyards, key fobs and jewelry as well as a few bits and pieces as well as some other products that I source.

If there is something you need and I am able to make it, I am only to happy to custom make products for you and your pets.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and support you continue to give me as I continue to grow my shop and bring you lots of new and exciting products.

Best wishes,


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